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Danielle and Hunter

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Our Story

A tale as old as time...Tinder. How their radiuses intersected, they still don't know. Danielle met Hunter for the first time on her couch with a glass of whiskey in hand. She had left him the key to her apartment behind the door wreath, instructed him to make himself a drink, and wait till she got home from her bartending shift. What easily could have been a Dateline story, ended up in love…

For two years thereafter, they would meet every Wednesday at an equidistant location and dine on a shared meal of Outback, nearly same order every time. And every weekend, Hunter would make the long trek to her Huntington Beach apartment, lovingly coined “The Timeshare”. They took frequent vacations, ate adventurously, and never passed up a chance to get out on the water. And when they couldn’t travel due to Covid, they ate and drank their way around the world learning to cook a new cuisine and watching corresponding films each weekend.

No strangers to distance, Hunter moved to the East Coast for work and Danielle stayed on the West Coast. Not wanting to be apart for long periods of time, she took frequent trips back and forth to see him and extended stays during Covid. When they couldn’t be together, Hunter was kept company by their Black Russian Terrier, Duke.

While visiting family in Arizona for Christmas 2021, Hunter suggested a hike through Sedona to show Danielle Arizona’s beauty. He insisted they see Devil’s Bridge and they quickly found themselves in the long, slow-moving line of influencers taking an exorbitant number of photos on the bridge. Hunter, persistent in waiting for a picture, stood patiently as Danielle heckled the influencers in the hopes the line would go faster. After they finally took their three preplanned posed photos, so as to be courteous to the awaiting line, Hunter grabbed her hand back, reached into his comically large Igloo fanny pack, and got down on one knee. Incoherent words fell out of his mouth, but she knew what was trying to say. And in response, she said “Yes” to a gorgeous emerald-cut emerald, her favorite stone, to the cheers of the heckled influencers.